John Hudec

President & CEO

John Hudec has always had a passion for building things with his hands, and it had an early impact on his career path.  He was introduced to the fast-pace industry of restaurant development during a three year internship at Bernheim & Kahn Architects while obtaining a Construction Management degree from Purdue University.  Following his graduation and having already gained much hands-on experience, John accepted a position at Axelrod Construction.  Axelrod’s projects revolved around restaurant and commercial development, presenting John the opportunity to acquire further exposure within the industry’s infrastructure.  These two jobs provided John with influential mentors who helped shape the next thirty years of his life.

During his five years with Axelrod, John formed a small construction company that started out doing renovation projects from demolition and roofing, to carpentry and woodworking, and eventually grew into providing complete interior tenant build-outs for a handful of clients.  John had never received any formal training in carpentry and woodworking, much of his knowledge was acquired by the old-school method of trial and error.  Lured by potential opportunity at the end of an uncertain journey for his small woodworking company, John fueled his aggressive growth plans with ambition, passion, integrity, and determination.  The fusion of these traits and John’s persistent “get-it-done” philosophies have led to many great things in his life, including the ongoing evolution of Hudec Woodworking.

John has been happily married to his wife, Julie for the past 28 years, a marriage that has given them three amazing children.  John and Julie have remained native to Indiana throughout their lives.  John has an intense affection for the outdoors and the offerings of the four distinct Midwest seasons. He has a healthy obsession with endurance sports from swimming, biking, and running to adventure sports like skiing, mountain biking, and snow-mobiling. John never has a problem finding ways to stay occupied in the outdoors with his friends and family throughout the year.

Why choose Hudec Woodworking for your project?

“Our company was built and maintained on a foundation of relentless customer service and the attention paid to the smallest details.  This is who we are and what we do.  Each of our employees understand this as the ‘Hudec Way’ to approach every project, as well planned starts lead to smooth finishes.”

Why choose Hudec Woodworking for a career?

“We want to bring the ‘WOW!’ into every employee’s career. When we hire a candidate, we’re making a long-term investment in that individual, and in return we’re committed to ensuring they have a stable and developing career. Our hope is that each employee feels their career has reached a level of success, recognition, and compensation that cannot be duplicated outside of Hudec.”

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