Project Description

From Aria Architects Group:

Cooper’s Hawk is a unique concept that incorporates a winery within a restaurant to create a modern, casual dining experience. In addition to their signature retail/tasting room, barrel room and the feature barrel for their reserve wine, Aria Group added transparent wine bottle display walls and enlarged vineyard artwork to highlight their wine making process and brand. Wood plank ceilings and beams, stainless steel accents and large, bold light fixtures are additional design features used to create a Napa-style restaurant. Over 10 locations nationwide.

“We’ve worked with Hudec on literally hundreds of projects – we have grown to rely on their advice in determining how best to execute a design concept. All the Hudec people seem to share the same outlook toward the work, toward quality, toward quick turnaround, and that extends all the way to John Hudec himself.”

“You sense a healthy balance in the Hudec teams—extraordinary craftsmanship balanced against respect for the business urgencies of the project and its timeframes. You’d swear they were all artists when you see the finished work; yet they get along well with the other trades and are serious about getting their work done on time.”

Jim Lencioni, Owner of Aria Group Architects
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