Project Description

From architect & designer Aria Group Architects:

Complete interior woodwork build out – 15,000 SF Restaurant at the forum shops at Caesar’s Place. Features include: Rotunda 2nd floor mezzanine private dining room with 10’ high wainscot with stainless steel features, Rich mahogany finish throughout, Rotunda dining with up lit round wood column at center, with 42’ diameter “wagon wheel” spoked wood soffit above (really cool!),Three bars, Dramatic curved main bar with 12’ high back bar and curved wood ceiling trim, Wood wainscot and trims throughout, Wind display wall / wood panel interior stone front with tri-fold wood / glass doors, interior patio dining.

"Whenever Hudec is working on a project you do not have to worry about anything...they take care of it all!"

Lillian Reyes-Brahar, Aria Group Architects
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