“Whenever Hudec is working on a project you do not have to worry about anything . . . they take care of it all!”

Lillian Reyes-Brahar | Aria Group Architects

“I have been collaborating with Hudec Woodworking Corporation since 1996. From initial rough sketches through the final punch list item John and his team have been able to keep up with Lettuce Entertain You’s evolution. With restaurants across the country and demanding schedules Hudec’s design, shop drawings, project management and customer service have always been there for us.”

John Cinelli, AIADirector of Architecture | Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

“We’ve worked with Hudec on literally hundreds of projects – we have grown to rely on their advice in determining how best to execute a design concept. All the Hudec people seem to share the same outlook toward the work, toward quality, toward quick turnaround, and that extends all the way to John Hudec himself.”

“You sense a healthy balance in the Hudec teams—extraordinary craftsmanship balanced against respect for the business urgencies of the project and its timeframes. You’d swear they were all artists when you see the finished work; yet they get along well with the other trades and are serious about getting their work done on time.”

Jim Lencioni | Owner of Aria Group Architects

“Hudec was recommended by the original architect. Hudec has done all 7 Wildfire restaurants and has worked with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises for over 15 years on various projects.”

“Hudec is big enough to bid on the really big projects—they did interior build-out for our new 10,000 sf. restaurant in Atlanta—and yet still small enough to do whatever it takes to get the job completed—aesthetically and schedule-wise.”

Howard Katz | Wildfire Restaurant’s Owner/Partner

“You wouldn’t believe the craftsmanship of the woodwork in here. what’s so different from their competition is how well things have held up. All this complicated woodwork was put in here over five years ago and it still looks like it did the day it was installed.”

“I met them when the architect recommended them for our first project. But when the second came along, and now the third, I already knew who I wanted for the woodwork on those projects.”

“Little unforeseen consequences always happen when many last-minute things are coming together. The woodworkers have it the toughest—they’re the last trade on the job, they have to work around training, deliveries, media tours. And yet their work has the largest single effect on people’s reaction when they enter the restaurant. Hudec kept its eyes on producing the ‘Wow’ and just powered through any obstacle that threatened it.”

Glen Keefer | Owner of the Award-Winning Steakhouse

“We met Hudec Woodworking through the designer of this project. As the General Contractor of the project, I can’t get too deeply into any one sub-contractor’s work—I need them to show up, execute what’s on the drawings, and not require a lot of hand-holding. Hudec did that and produced highly craftsmanlike work that made the owner and every visitor extremely pleased. I found Hudec to be reliable and every employee on our project unquestionably committed. I look forward to working with Hudec again.”

Jim Czanko | Pioneer Construction

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