Rich Balka

Lead Engineer

Rich has been involved in many aspects of the construction and millwork industry for 23 years. He joined Hudec in 2010 as a Project Draftsman, and has recently been promoted to Lead Engineer. Rich is the leading AutoCAD expert in Hudec’s organization and is responsible for ensuring the accurate and timely completion of shop drawings by the multi-talented drafting team. Rich has also acquired substantial experience in project management, fabrication, and installation. In a previous role, Rich was responsible for the engineering and installations of intricate staircase systems; a unique skill set that has given him excellent insight into the detailing of complex millwork situations frequently encountered on Hudec Woodworking projects.

Rich is embedded into the woodworking trade as he spends much of his free time creating personal treasures in his home workshop.  When he’s not making sawdust or plotting drawings, Rich is often found feeding his severe addiction to trail cycling throughout the vast Lake Michigan trails.

Why choose Hudec Woodworking for your project?

“Hudec Woodworking is a knowledgeable and dedicated team always striving to accomplish every increasingly challenging projects and deadlines.”

Why choose Hudec Woodworking for a career?

“Since the majority of our work is custom high-end, every project has a new and rewarding set of challenges & accomplishments.”

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Need to Speak with Us?

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